COVID-19 Update: A Message to our Guests

Flexible Cancellation Policy

Cancel free of charge. Only available when official unexpected government travel restrictions happen after your reservation is made.

Flexible Reschedule Policy

Postpone your booking at no additional charge. Only available when the new travel dates fall within the same seasonal rate booked.

The last few months have meant great changes in our habits, and the Villa La Sorpresa team has strengthened and adapted to continue creating unforgettable memories for our guests, assuming and carrying out, all the necessary measures to make your stay completely safe.

First and foremost, we want you to have a unique holiday, with complete peace of mind. At Villa La Sorpresa we’ve brought in new hygiene and safety rules for cleaning and disinfecting and risk prevention, being implemented right now to look after you and your loved ones.

With the spread of COVID-19, washing your hands, respecting social distances, and rigorously cleaning all surfaces you touch is part of a responsible attitude towards curbing contagion.

Faced with this situation, Villa La Sorpresa has redoubled its efforts to make guests feel that they’re in a place where their health is never at risk. Staying in Villa La Sorpresa means your space is exclusive to you, with no non-essential contact with those not in your group. Complete cleaning and disinfection of the villa is guaranteed, to the highest standards required by the health authorities.

Household goods and appliances are reserved solely for the personal use of guests, daily housekeeping is provided and additional services are also offered at an additional cost, including laundry or shopping, with the assurance that our staff comply with health and safety instructions and wears masks and gloves at all times.

Regulations in the South of Spain change regularly, please make sure you are aware of them before booking your stay. As of November 2020, international borders are open. Face masks are mandatory for everyone over 6 years old – outdoors and indoors. And restaurants and bars are open with some capacity restrictions.

A Luxury villa that offers all of the services you may need during your stay is the best way to enjoy a vacation in the Costa del Sol under the new rules and measures that have been adopted because of the pandemic.

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