Concierge Service in Marbella


Have you ever wondered what a Concierge Service is? Are you planning your next holiday in Marbella? In that case, keep reading because we’re going to tell you what a concierge service is and what they can do for you. Therefore, on your next trip you can make the most out of it. A concierge company can make your vacation one of the best experiences of your life. 


What is a concierge service?


The first thing we would like to highlight is the history and meaning of the word “concierge”. The definition that seems to be the most accurate assures that concierge comes from the Latin “conservous”, which means “the keeper of the lamps”. This person was in charge of fulfilling every wish or request of the royal visitors to the palaces back in the 400s.


Much later, in France, King Louis XI took up the concept and used it to refer to his trusted staff, who were in charge of satisfying all the demands of his guests at the royal palace. It was not until the year 1500, when the monarchy ended and some refined lodging places appeared. Then the word “concierge” took a new direction and started to be used to refer to the staff who dedicated themselves to the attention of the guests. From 1900 onwards, the concierge figure became commonplace in hotels, resorts and upscale residential buildings.


Today, the figure of the concierge is very common. But many people still do not know how to take advantage of this service offered.


What does a concierge do?



Specially here in Marbella, due to the large number of requests and the high-level users with whom he interacts, the concierge must always have a professional mantra: privacy and discretion first and foremost. This is part of his or her profile as a hospitality expert, as well as efficiency and speed when resolving different requests.


Under these standards, the services a concierge can offer are as varied as the needs of travelers. Therefore, their services generate a great value for all those who need their knowledge. They help to solve any eventuality and the high level of personalization in each required assistance is a great complement in moments of leisure and vacations.


If you are going on a romantic date and want to surprise your partner with flowers and dinner at a special restaurant, the concierge can take care of both things so that you can enjoy yourself and forget about looking for flowers and making reservations at the restaurant.


What if you have questions about the destination, services and tours?


Then, the concierge will explain, make reservations and everything you need will be at your fingertips. In short, the concierge is your best ally when it comes to turning your trip into a unique experience. If you need a rental car, reservations, services, flowers, chocolates, gifts, a dress …. Whatever you need, the concierge will get it for you.



Concierge Service at Villa La Sorpresa



At Villa La Sorpresa we can provide you with any special services such as as a butler, private chef with a choice of menu options, childcare, airport pick-up and drop-off, shopping services, car hire, reservations for shows, yacht charter, tours, excursions, golf reservations, along with many other services, at an additional cost. Make use of our pre-arrival shopping service to purchase food and drinks according to your requirements. You only pay for the groceries.


Finally, we understand each user is unique, as well as each of their demands, but it is thanks to the commitment to provide a highly personalized service that unique and unrepeatable experiences are designed in detail, tailored according to the needs of each client, and each request is carried out with the highest quality standards.


Interested in hiring our Concierge Services during your stay at Villa La Sorpresa? Do not hesitate to message us! We will be delighted to help you design an unforgettable holiday.


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