7 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Marbella

Fine dining restaurants in Marbella are becoming more and more popular every year. In this article we will take you on a tour around the best venues in the Costa del Sol. But first… Let us explain what distinguishes a fine dining restaurant from a normal restaurant.

The fine dining concept is applied to restaurants that not only offer dishes, but a whole culinary art experience. To achieve this, it is necessary that they comply with 3 essential characteristics:

  • The Menu: The most important part of the fine dining experience is, without doubt, the menu. In a fine dining restaurant the ingredients must be of the highest quality so that the flavours are exquisite. There are some restaurants that have their own gardens or are associated with local producers who raise and plant exclusively for them.
  • The Service: The service also distinguishes a fine dining restaurant. Everything is focused on offering the best experience to the guests. For instance, the waiters have special training to be able to answer questions about the dishes and make suggestions. On the other hand, there is at least one sommelier who is able to make recommendations about food and wine pairing. Moreover, it is common for chefs or head chefs to come to the tables, either to explain their creations, clear up doubts and wish them a great experience.
  • The Atmosphere: The atmosphere of the restaurant is a combination between location, the space itself and the design of the lounge where the guests will taste the menu. On top of this, atmosphere created by just the right lighting and music adds to this experience and the comfort of the space. All of this involves the work of decorators who imprint a distinctive stamp, as well as artists who create specific pieces for the space. Even the plates and cutlery are unique designs enhancing the style of the dish.

If you like fine dining restaurants and you decide to eat out in Marbella you will be overwhelmed with choices. These are our favorites:


1. Savor

Located in Marbella, in the area of San Pedro de Alcántara, this restaurant deserves to be discovered. Its cuisine is one of the most interesting in the area. In all of their dishes you can taste the fusion of three cultures; the Malaga cuisine, the Caribbean style and the touches or Asian ingredients. As a result, this achieves a result that fills the mouth with unforgettable flavours, aromas and textures. Each dish that arrives at the table is surprising and full of flavour.



2. Skina

This intimate restaurant has become the world’s smallest restaurant to obtain a Michelin star. It only has space for 14 diners. It is located in Marbella’s Old Town. On top of that, here you can enjoy unbeatable market cuisine and a wine cellar with more than 300 labels. We love being able to do this on their terrace, so if you have the opportunity, take advantage of it. If you decide to visit this magical little spot and want to try everything, then opt for the Andalusian tasting menu.



3. Ta-Kumi

The Ta-Kumi restaurant in Marbella is one of the best examples of fusion between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. One of the best Japanese restaurants in Spain, right on the coast of Marbella. Also noteworthy is its presentation, creative without falling into excesses, and its selection of sakes, perfectly designed to accompany with great precision each of the preparations on the menu or the tasting menu offered.



4. El Lago

The outstanding feature of El Lago is its location on a relaxing golf course facing an artificial lake. The contemporary style dining room, enhanced by a large semi-circular window, also has several idyllic terraces. Also, the modern, creative and imaginative cuisine takes its inspiration from regional and international cuisine. On top of that, the use of top quality ingredients, dishes with different flavours are carefully prepared at a very high level. 



5. Leña

Dani Garcia, the icon chef of the Costa del Sol cuisine, opened Leña. This recently opened restaurant is a mixture between a steakhouse and a grill where meat is the protagonist. As a result, at Leña you will find a huge variety of grilled meat cuts offered in the menu. The interior design of Leña is spectacular, especially considering that it is located in the heart of the Costa del Sol. The decor is definitely far from those you would imagine in white tones and marine inspiration. Moreover, here you can eat from 40 to 200 euros, depending on your pocket you will find what you are looking for.



6. Garum Marbella

Located right on Marbella’s seafront. Garum restaurant is one of the most sophisticated and stylish places in the area. You can enjoy a wide selection of tapas at any time of day. However we recommend going to watch the sunset on their terrace while enjoying a drink. Then, stay for dinner. A unique moment that is worth enjoying and that you will surely love.



7. Breathe

This place is a real oasis in the middle of the city. Breathe has three levels. Ground, where you can have a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack, with a gourmet shop and takeaway dishes. Breathe, which has a restaurant, gastro bar and garden, where you can enjoy the cuisine of the prestigious chef Simone d’Elia. In addition to Ground and Breathe, this venue also offers a sky bar with views of Puerto Banús and unique cocktails, called Air.


In short, you will absolutely love Marbella if you are into find dining. However, if you prefer restaurants and cafes specifically focussed on healthy eating have a look at our article where we explain which are the 6 best healthy restaurants in the area.