6 Healthy Restaurants and Cafes in Marbella You Can’t Miss

Healthy Restaurants are becoming more and more popular in Marbella. There is indeed no doubt that healthy eating is in vogue. Consequently, the restaurants in Marbella have not been slow to realise that there is a public that is increasingly demanding healthy and balanced dishes.

We are recently moving on to more colourful gastronomic proposals that incorporate what has now been called “superfoods”. These are especially nutritious products that provide benefits to the body. Organic and ecological products, without harmful additives, fruit of fair trade and small producers who flee from the big food industry and who can now be found on the menu of healthy food restaurants in Marbella. Eating healthy has never been so simple and delicious.

From Villa La Sorpresa we bring a compilation of the best healthy restaurants and cafes in Marbella:


1. Dezentral

They offer a healthy menu that changes daily according to the seasonal products. Only open during breakfasts and lunches. They also specialise in homemade pastries and make German bread every day. A great place where you can enjoy a healthy and balanced meal without losing any of the flavours and pleasure of eating well.



2. Gioia Plant-Based Cuisine

The only fully vegan restaurant in this list, serving mainly organic and gluten-free dishes, both raw and cooked, as well as sweets, fresh juices, smoothies, and wine. It has been described as a culinary experience by many of its customers. An explosion of flavours in beautifully presented dishes. 



3. Organic Market & Food

A restaurant that brings together in the same space the bar-cafeteria, a market with seasonal products, with organic pastries and where activities related to the world of well-being are carried out. This is a recommendable place to go both alone and with your partner or family.



4. Manuka

The Manuka restaurant in Marbella offers a wide range of gastronomic proposals on the menu, dishes inspired by the cuisine of other countries and strongly linked to the vegan philosophy and the vegetarian diet. As they point out, one of their purposes is to demonstrate that healthy food never has to be boring or tasteless. Quite the contrary. Trying stews and preparations with real ingredients and avoiding any kind of processed food is a real discovery. 



5. Tomate Fresh Fun Food

It is the perfect place to take a break from shopping in San Pedro Center. Located in a pedestrian street it is great to grab a healthy bite and watch the world go by. At Tomate Fresh Food, they take great care with the products with which they prepare their recipes. With quality ingredients to offer the customer from their famous hamburgers to Stroganoff style meatballs, chicken burrito with vegetables and Mexican salad, among others.



6. Rachel’s Eco Love

Only natural ingredients “and lots of love”. That is the concept of Rachel’s, a charming place located in the Puente Romano complex.. They have an organic vegetable garden at street level which supplies them with produce for their dishes. They sell organic products and have a terrace where they can enjoy the privileged climate of the Costa del Sol. It is a recommended place for breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack, with delicious homemade pastries. 


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