Ronda – 5 Things You Can’t Miss

Planning your visit to Ronda? Then you must have a look at the best 5 things to do in this charming village. Ronda is only 50 minutes drive from Villa La Sorpresa. If you have never heard of it, Ronda is one of the most enchanting towns in the South of Spain. See on Google Maps.

Even though Ronda is considered one of the biggest white villages in Andalusia, one day is enough to see its major attractions, enjoy Spanish food and take pictures in every corner. Have a look at our article about best white villages around Marbella.

Ronda is part of the National Park; Sierra de las Nieves. The famous gorge El Tajo, splits the town into two parts. You can either discover Ronda on your own or take one of its many high quality guided tours.


1.Walk over the bridge: Puente Nuevo

The Puente Nuevo which means “New Bridge” will amaze you with its landscapes. This bridge is the main attraction of the city. It was built in the 18th century to communicate the oldest part of the city with the newest district. The city is divided by the gorge “El Tajo” with a height of more than 100 meters. At the bottom, the river Guadalevín serves as a natural border for the city.


2. Relax at the Alameda del Tajo

After a walk over the Puente Nuevo, you can head to the Alameda del Tajo. A lovely park built in the 19th century. You can see colourful blossoms covering the trees if visited in spring. One of the most spectacular lookouts of the city is also located in this park. From the viewpoint of Ronda you can enjoy views to the valley and a considerable part of the city. You can’t leave without a picture here!

The wonderful viewpoint of Ronda is located along the promenade of Blas Infante. From here, you can enjoy spectacular views of the valley of Guadalevín, and a considerable part of the region of Ronda, from a 200-mt height. This viewpoint is one of the most visited, and it provides lovely postcards of the city that will leave you breathless.


3. Look at the Puente Nuevo from below

If the walk over the bridge didn’t impress you enough, take a walk down the hill to view it from the bottom. It will leave you breathless. Take a walk to Plaza de Maria Auxiliadora and take the pathway with steps to descend into the gorge. As you descend you will encounter a couple of lookouts where you can admire the bridge, the river and the waterfall. Make sure your phone has battery! You will want to take picture every 10 meters.


4. Explore the streets of the Old Town

If you like cobbled streets, you will love Ronda Old Town. It is always worth spending some time wandering around the streets, specially if you visit the town on a warm day. The narrow streets, as in other parts of Andalusia will make you feel like you went back in time.


5. End your day with a visit to a vineyard

The area around Ronda is commonly known for its prime winemaking history. In the countryside, the wineries attract oenophiles from all over the world. The area is well known for several award-winning wines. Whether you are an expert or an amateur when it comes to wines this experience is perfect for everybody. If you want you can even join a workshop to learn about the detailing processes of winemaking!